Inspired by the S. Kubrick classic "2001: A Space Odyssey", the Kubrick DCX turntable is conceived as smooth looking musical "space" object.


Highly rigid main plinth is constructed of two massive blocks machined from solid aluminum, bolted together and damped accordingly, and a 50/10mm diameter aluminum pipe, forming together a T-shaped structure. Employing this kind of design provides perfect balance for the plinth itself, by reducing the Moment of inertia in all three planes (along all three axes) to the Center of mass, thus gaining uniform vibration damping.



Dostoyevsky DCX was conceived as a "classic" turntable, wooden rectangular box with platter and tone-arm on the top.

The idea was to build around "classical turntable look" while incorporating design and engineering required for great sounding turntable.


Inspiration was found in the music of Eric Satie, stripped of any pretentiousness and sentimentality, thereby revealing an austere essence.

Like Satie's music, the Satie DCX is striped to the bare essence, concentrating on the design and the execution of the performance wise most critical turntable parts; highly rigid aluminum sub-plinth supporting substantial main bearing with the massive platter and arm board(s) accepting almost every kind of the 9" tone-arm available today and minimal skeletal-like main chassis bearing electronically controlled DC motor.

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